Looks like we'll be taking 40up to Toronto in the new year! We've had several sold out events here, The Basement, Slide and Central Bar Newcastle! There will be two more in Sydney so book now for the November 25th Basement event! See you there! Peace

Back to the future!! 40up at The Basement Sydney! Featuring Steve Clisby and band plus Dj Stephen Ferris and DJ Sani for a night to remember.

40up THE BASEMENT Nov, 25th. Presale tickets have already gone on sale if you're signed up to our newsletter. There's still time. Sign up here leave a comment below and we will PM the link. The last shows sold out fast.......Peace Lauren Dawes Stephen @Ferris Tracy James-Steyn Deborah Trachtenberg-Ray Rinske Geerlings Alicia Pasfield Gai Baker Carolyn Pereira Petritsch Cellene Hoogenkamp Charles Graham Katie Perry Kristen Ross-Munro Ear-gasms & Harmony Emelda Davis Eliska Graves Emerald Jane Pasfield Leisa Gait-Smith Julian Clark Griffith John Pereira Ivory Jarrett Margot Ackerley Otto Marr Olivia Olivia Joyce Ong Odelia Potts Gail Pisani Michael Tan Juliet Vanessa Virginia Burmeister Simone Waddell Suzie Helen White Your Gigs - @Sydney Justine Zaccar SophieG music

Excited to say we got a release on my last single "How Long Do I Have To Wait" in Europe. Now it's all about the push! Click the link and leave a comment or a like on my youtube channel. Michael Tan Leisa Gait-Smith Mataya Clifford Erin Noir Ella Fredrics Oliver C. Brown

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Couldn't let this one go. John Mayer might be a little jealous.........

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